Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 14, 2008

I have agreed to have a one person show at a local coffee shop in State College, Pennsylvania. The space is small and I wanted to bring some smaller pieces there. I have four or five small (12" x 18") stretched canvases that were given to me some time ago and I decided to use these canvases for the next few paintings. The size is one that is challenging for me to work with. I feel somewhat constricted. My personal preference is to paint on something more symmetrical.

For two days I've been struggling with getting an image to suit the space of the canvas but seem to be stumbling a bit. Yesterday I painted "Smokey the Zombie Bear" inspired by stories my friend has been telling me of a friend of his who is preparing for when Zombies take over the world. I decided to make a series of "Smokey the Zombie Bear": a close-up, Smokey climbing into a tent, Smokey at the fire ring, and a couple others still undetermined.

It's fun to paint silly sometimes.

Peace Always