Thursday, January 15, 2009

July 15, 2009

Photo by Sharon Lee

I decided some months ago to go back to school, finish on a long discarded path to a degree and hopefully hone some of my skills with the goal of enhancing opportunities to make a living off of my artwork.

Today was a typical "bad day at school", starting with a sick kid, late for 1st class because I dropped her off not wanting her to walk in the 11 degree cold. Came into class with way more noise than I wanted to taking off vest, headphones, scarf, sweatshirt, gloves, backpack, trying to sit in the back of the room so as to lessen the disruption but was escorted by a very kind grad student to the absolute front of the 300 person class where there was a seat front and center, late for second class (on extreme ends of very large Penn State campus), next class I realized I was in the wrong class and had been for the first two days of class, cold soup for lunch (Yesterday I made miso soup with tofu, seaweed and kale expressly with the purpose of bring hot soup for lunch), unexpected book purchase ($125.00). Spent the day looking especially "who did it and ran" with my out of control hair and the help from a hood and scarf. Oh yeah battery was dead in my camera which I took especially to take more photos of the Salt Water tanks.

Oh well.

Peace Always