Sunday, May 11, 2008

May 11, 2008

I belong to a "Photo of the Month" internet club with people from around the globe. The moderator assigns a subject at the beginning of the month as to what to base our photograph. It's fascinating to see all the various interpretations of one theme (wood, cold, music). Last month's subject was "What is it?" which let to extra comments and fun guesses. This month the moderator decided on one subject;bridges and an optional photo anything taken on May 11th. I like the challenge of creating with stipulations as it helps to hone my focus and push myself outside of artistic habits and patterns. Today I carried my camera around with me during a hike in the local woods, a curbside collection of morels and a trip (1 hour) to drop off three pieces of art for an upcoming show at the Penn State Altoona campus. Because the photos I took seem to have a fairly wide range of images I decided it might be interesting to uploaded all the useable photos I took today on my Flickr page. Of those photos I used one to head today's post and one for the Photo of the Month club. All these photos were taken with my Cannon Power Shot G9 digital camera.