Sunday, April 20, 2008

APRIL 20, 2008

Today would have been a perfect day for painting as it was raining and gardening chores have to be put on hiatus but alas no canvas and most likely I need to purchase a few more paints and brushes to get started. As I often do every three or so paintings I cleaned the studio. Now my studio is not by any means large (9' x 10') but you won't hear many complaints from me as I used to have a corner of my toolroom as a painting studio. I build this mini addition to my house two years ago and have yet to put up inside walls or celling. There is however insulation, electricity, heat and windows, with a near by source for water so I am delighted. Today as I dusted and vacumed I found many supplies I had forgotten about and reviewed some paintings I had not looked at since their completion. One of the paintings was "untitled". "Untitled" has lots of mini stories and I thought it could be interesting to start a thread in my next post about the symbolisms and back stories of this painting.