Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 26, 2008

Today I can not think of a single creative thought or idea I had that would be blog worthy to share. I am waiting for some money to come in to buy 3 more sets of stretchers (from Upper Canada Stretchers) so I don't have a painting to work on. Instead I went to the woods, cleaned a bit, went food shopping, mailed some yoga props that I sold through Ebay, trimmed the out of control hedges in front of my house, planted beets and did 1-1/2 hours of yoga. Although it was not a bad day, with the exception of figuring out how to make a vegan-gluten free version of onion dip (for my daughter who was craving chips and dip), none of it was particularly creative or inspiring.

I don't usually have 100% creative free days when when they do come along it's like anything you let it absorb you while it's there and rejoice when you once again have the opportunity to create.

Tomorrow is the last day for this Ebay auction! If you like my work and want to support my endeavors please consider purchasing a painting. I have just put up the painting, "A Silver Titter Stole My Baby" on Ebay. It is a painting I'm proud for artistically as well as socially. It is acrylic paint on organic cotton and hemp canvas. Please feel free to pass the link to friends and family members and if you are so inclined feel free to purchase this painting for yourself.