Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

Today, my daughter at Penn State moved into her own apartment. Taking the advice of my chiropractor I hired 4 young men who with my friend, my daughter and I moved her massive mountain of clothes from one place to another with a fair amount of ease. She now lives 12 minutes away now and I get to avoid the angst of other parents packing their children away to school.

After I got home and did some yoga prop and art business I decided it would be relaxing to paint a bit even though it was late and I most likely would not get a chance to hike in the woods, do yoga, wash the pile of dishes in the sink or clean the downstairs floors which are in a sorry state.

I added two more circles to my painting. One is "Fall From Grace" and the other is yet to be named. "Fall From Grace" along "Before the Fall" are a vegan statement using the story of Adam and Eve and their diet before and after their hankering for apples caused a ruckus. Blame it on Eve she was the one collecting their food.