Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008

Today I had to pick up a piece "The Big Gulp" that was being framed in State College by one of the local frame shops. I had forgotten to consider its size when my daughter and I left for town in her Volkswagen Beetle. Beetles are not known for their versatility in transporting things and a 42" x 42" framed canvas was not going in easily. After some failed attempts at getting the painting in I decided we should take of the top and slide it in through the top. With an open roof the painting slid in but we could not close the top. We began to drive the 14 miles home. One traffic light later, the brown paper wrapper is tearing off and is making an extremely loud rustling noise. It is now necessary for me to drive holding down the paper so it doesn't rip off and fly out of the car. We drive about 1 mile more when I tell my daughter that she needs to pull over ASAP because I feel the $315 frame is bowing in the wind and sense it may break. Pulling over in a Korean restaurant-Dominos Pizza parking lot my daughter and I have some words (she was not happy at using her car as a UHaul in addition felt it could start raining at any moment) I move around the few miscellaneous things that were in the back seat (old Dell hard-drive, yoga mat and shiny black high heeled shoes), lean the painting forward onto the two front seats and viola the top was able to close. If you bend your head forward a bit and don't mind the looming canvas at your back the problem is solved-painting saved. Such the life of an artist (smile)

Only a few days left for this auction! If you like my work and want to support my endeavors please consider purchasing a painting. I have just put up the painting, "A Silver Titter Stole My Baby" on Ebay. It is a painting I'm proud for artistically as well as socially. It is acrylic paint on organic cotton and hemp canvas. Please feel free to pass the link to friends and family members and if you are so inclined feel free to purchase this painting for yourself.