Friday, June 6, 2008

June 6, 2008

Photos show regular view, view when finished today's session and close-up of heart.

The day I had decided it was best to put my dog down, I had been to the vet earlier in the day and she was describing the results of Jackson's chest x-ray to me. Jackson had diabetes with many complications including blindness. I had a hard time controlling his diabetes even with his twice daily shots of insulin, careful home made food and regular blood work. Diabetes is an insidious disease and eventually his body had given all it could and it was time for him to leave this earth. The X-rays showed several areas of cancer, the retention of lots of water and an extremely large heart. When I talked with my friend later in the day about his health she stated "Jackson died of a heart that grew too large!" If you had met my dog (and I would suspect many Vizslas) you'll know exactly what I this means.

But How does this tie into todays painting session. On the upper left behind on of the clouds I painted a stylized heart. I used a diagram from a Biology course on line and played with the lines until it became the shape(s) it is now. Sometimes when I paint I will actually be consciously thinking of the symbolization I am using sometimes things just appear (such as the lemon in the upper right side).