Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008

photograph by Sharon Lee taken in Scotia Range, Pennsylvania

Okay so once again today I will try to share my "artistic observations" which were taken from me two times yesterday by two separate computer problems. Today I downloaded Marsedit-hopefully that will avoid the problem of yesterday's lost post.

Yesterday I made the 2-1/2 hour drive to Pittsburgh from rural Pennsylvania where I live to drop off two paintings for the AAP annual group show juried screening. I have lived several places including the suburbs of New York City and Pittsburgh but since most days today are spent in the land of farms and woods I treat trips anywhere with a fresh view that you sometimes lose after living in a place a while.

My first stop in Pittsburgh was Wilkinsburg, a predominate black neighborhood on the Eastern edge of Pittsburgh. Although there are more than several windows boarded up, Wilkinsburg has not lost it's energy. There's a wonderful neighborhood feel there that I have not noticed as much in the other areas of Pittsburgh. Men, women and children are all gathered outside in the shopping district, meeting and greeting. After dropping off the paintings I headed to East Liberty where I had a balanced vegan meal at Abay an Ethiopian restaurant. After a plate of Ye' Abesha Gomen, Tikil Gomen, Butecha and Shiro Wat served on a large piece of Injera I headed across the street to Whole Foods a groovy, market with many organic and vegan options. The staff at Whole Foods is particularly cute and friendly and it makes shopping there a pleasurable experience.

My last stop was in Squirrel Hill. If you are not familiar with Pittsburgh I think of Squirrel Hill as the "garden" district with many, many beautiful old and new trees, great landscaping and lots of flowers. The business section of S.H. is thriving, catering to a diverse population. At a light I was tickled to see two pre-teen boys dressed in traditional Jewish Orthodox clothing jabbing each other while they stood waiting for a bus. The contrast of the seriousness of their clothing combined with the silliness of their actions put a smile on my face.

Since I was in Squirrel Hill per request of my daughter who wanted some Gluten Free sandwich bread from the Gluten-Free & Dairy Free bakery there. Gluuteny is a charming small bakery with Gluten and Dairy free cookies, brownies, cupcakes and breads. The bread slinger beyond the counter was a interesting mix of 90s punk with today's style and the beginning of a breast plate tattoo (I believe it was a heart but felt it rude to stare at her breasts too long to verify.

Next week when I go back to Pittsburgh to pick up my paintings after the screening I may get the opportunity to stay overnight. If I do I will try my best to get some descriptive Pittsburgh photos taken.

Peace always