Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February 3, 2009

Today was a long day at school made more difficult by the fact that I couldn't fall asleep last night until 3ish (cramps and such). Have been thinking about adding a second major in the environment/organics /sustainable vein and training to be an organic certifier. I know it doesn't seem art like so where does that leave me as far as creating? So here's a rough plan.No art until spring break when I plan to take the book "Adventures of Sophie" with me to Tucson to finish (just have to tweak the art on the computer, everything else is laid out and ready to go. School until the end of April, 4 months of gardening, hiking and art and then back to school. Taking a full course load keeps the thinking side of the brain busy and the creative idle-it's good to swing the other way once in a while.


Peace Always


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